About us

Relocation services in India are critical for businesses that need to move their offices to a new location. Aura Mobility helps ensure the relocation process is smooth and efficient and minimizes disruption to business operations. They provide office equipment relocation services that include packing and moving office furniture, computer systems, printers, and other equipment. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure all equipment is packed securely and transported safely to the new location.

Corporate relocation services can be complex, including packing and moving office equipment, furniture, and supplies and transporting employees and their families. Aura Mobility provides relocation services in Mumbai that minimize disruption to business operations and ensure that the move is successful.

At Aura Mobility, we have a team of moving professionals with over two decades of experience under their belt. Our team takes pride in their work and will ensure that your personal possessions are treated with the same care and attention they deserve, which would be in line with your expectations.

We offer a full range of professional mobility solutions for your home and business. Our experienced team are always on hand to service your mobility requirements no matter how large or small they are.

We understand everyone has different requirements and these could vary whether it is the size of house / business or your budget or cultural requirements or even your timelines. Whatever your situation or location, we as an organization offer a full choice of mobility solutions specializing to and from India and globally. Hence, whether you are moving house / business, moving within India or across the globe, we take care of your move from the beginning to the end, with a smile.

Our professional team will work with you to customize and implement a mobility plan which meets your individual needs which are cost effective, efficient and stress free. We aim to provide a high quality standard of service and this has led us to the development of our customer evaluation and best practice procedures resulting in performance enhancement, planning and review of training. We have a committed customer service team that will make your move as smooth as possible.